MedStar Health Research Institute-Georgetown University Oncology IRB

On January 29, 2002 Georgetown University and MedStar Health, Inc. entered into a Memorandum of Understanding, to organize and operate the MedStar Health Research Institute-Georgetown University Oncology Institutional Review Board (MHRI-GU Oncology IRB). The President of the MedStar Health Research Institute (MHRI) and the Executive Vice President for Health Sciences at Georgetown University agreed that employees of Georgetown University would administer the Institutional Review Board. The MHRI-GU Oncology IRB will have jurisdiction over new Oncology human subject research protocols done at Georgetown University and/or any MedStar Health, Inc. healthcare facility (Franklin Square Hospital Center, Union Memorial Hospital Center, Harbor Hospital Center, Good Samaritan, National Rehabilitation Center, Harborview Cancer Center, Washington Cancer Institute and Washington Hospital Center), as of April 17, 2002, and will assume jurisdiction over ongoing previously approved studies at the time of annual review.

For more information about the IRB-D Committee, please contact the Institutional Review Board (202) 687-1506 or e-mail

Committee D IRB Meetings for the 2024
Official Calendar Year

Updated December 14, 2023

The following is a list of the MedStar Health Research Institute-Georgetown University Oncology IRB Committee D meeting dates for the 2024 official calendar year. Current policy states that a study must be reviewed by the scientific committee (CRC) prior to submission to the IRB.  Committee D meetings are regularly scheduled for the First Wednesday of each month from 3:00-6:00 PM for all meetings.

The schedule applies to submissions requiring review at a convened IRB meeting (full board review).  Submissions that may be eligible for expedited review, exempt review, or non-human subject research determinations are reviewed on a rolling basis upon submission of all necessary materials and are not required to meet submissions deadlines for review by the convened IRB (full board review).  For more information regarding the different levels of review, please see the section titled “What are the different review options?” on the IRB 101 page.  Please note final determinations regarding the level of review required are made by the IRB.

Meeting Deadlines, Dates, Locations, and Times

Deadlines for IRB Committee Meetings are on the same day of the week as the committee meeting and fall three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.  Any applications that you believe may require review at a full board meeting must be submitted by the meeting’s corresponding deadline to be considered for inclusion on the meeting agenda.  Due to holidays, room availability, or the academic calendar, not all meetings follow the regular schedule, location and/or time and are marked by an asterisk ( * ) in the table.