File A Disclosure Form

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In accordance with Federal regulations and Georgetown University’s Financial Conflicts of Interest Policy (FCOI Policy), all Investigators on proposed and funded projects must submit both a General Disclosure Form (GDF) and, for each project proposed for funding, a Study-Specific Disclosure Form (SSDF).

Online Disclosure System

     Access GU-PASS here. NetID and password are required.

Study-Specific Disclosure Form (SSDF) & General Disclosure Form (GDF)

Georgetown University investigators on an initial (new) proposal submitted through GU-PASS should also submit their SSDF via GU-PASS. Pending SSDFs are listed under My Activities on your GU-PASS homepage.

Non-Georgetown investigators (i.e., without a NetID) on an initial (new) proposal must submit a hard copy of the SSDF (below). Also, all investigators added after the time of the initial proposal are required to submit a hard copy of the SSDF (below).

Download a Study-Specific Disclosure Form.

Download a General Disclosure Form.