IACUC Training Information

Training Requirements

Both the Georgetown University and Federal Regulations (USDA & PHS) require training and continuing education of all scientists, research technicians, animal care technicians, and all others involved with animal care and use.

The IACUC is required to determine that personnel are adequately trained and qualified to conduct procedures on a given species and to maintain documentation of this training.

Before any individual at Georgetown may have animal contact, the following must be completed

  • Attend the DCM orientation. Please sign up in the DCM office. Orientations are held a few times a month. At the orientation you will receive information on how to obtain a medical clearance and which modules you are required to take.
  • Obtain a Medical Clearance from Occupational Health. Please complete the Health History Survey which can be located on the Occ. Health Website.  Please contact Simona Strong (7-1734 or sd266@georgetown.edu) with any questions. Also note the medical clearance must be renewed annually.
  • AALAS Learning Library (ALL) assigned modules. Register on-line (following the directions provided in the DCM orientation). Be sure that you register under Georgetown University rather than creating a free account. Under a free account you will not be able to access all required modules and the IACUC will not be able to confirm the completion of modules (you may have to retake them).
    • Once you have created an account you do not need the access code to sign in again. After your account is established, you may log on to AALAS with your account username and password. These are your creations and are not necessarily the same as your GUID information. If you have forgotten your username and password, please contact the IACUC office for assistance.
    • AALAS modules “Working with the IACUC” and “Common Compliance Issues” must be retaken every 3 years. If you fail to update your training this could delay approval of protocols and your DCM access can be revoked.
  • PI must submit an amendment to their protocol to add you as an associate (the amendment must indicate what training you have and if needed who will train you). ALL items on this list MUST be completed before an amendment can be submitted and approved by the IACUC office.