Consulting Services

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Statistical and Bioinformatics Consultation Services

The Department of Biostatistics, Bioinformatics & Biomathematics offers statistical and bioinformatics consulting and collaboration covering a broad range of study design, statistical analysis and data science issues including experimental design for preclinical investigations, clinical trials, population studies, and Big Data analytics (e.g., predictive & risk modeling, statistical analysis of next-generation sequence data and omics data). 

They are actively involved in cutting-edge work in cancer research, neurological disorders, epidemiological studies, as well as in statistical and bioinformatics methods research and development projects.  They can collaborate with you in writing and implementing competitive project proposals involving methodological and software development.

Consulting services are available to both the Georgetown University community and researchers not affiliated with Georgetown University.  A one-hour free complimentary consultation is available only to members of the GU community by appointment, every Monday 1-2pm.   Please be advised that any work beyond one-hour (60 minutes) will be for a fee.

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