IACUC Guidelines for Investigators

When submitting a new or renewal application in eSirius/Cayuse, please be sure to answer all of the questions completely. Please submit the protocol in eSirius/Cayuse by close of business on the last Tuesday of the month. Any questions should be directed to the IACUC office (guacuc@georgetown.edu). Your submission is first processed by the IACUC office to ensure required training and medical clearance has been completed. Primary, secondary, and veterinary reviewers present their summary and review comments and/or concerns at the monthly meetings. In addition, each submission is carefully reviewed by the full Committee. The notices reflecting committee action are generated in eSirius/Cayuse and a system generated notice is distributed by email to the PI.

When the Committee requests a response from a PI who has submitted a protocol, the PI has 2 weeks to respond. The Committee may archive the submission if the PI does not respond in 60 days. Animals cannot be ordered until the Committee has approved the PI response.

When the Committee requests a response from the PI who has submitted a 3-year renewal protocol, it is the PI’s responsibility to respond in sufficient time for the Committee to review and approve the response before the old protocol expires. Allow at least two weeks for Committee review of the PI response. Animals cannot be ordered from the old protocol once it has expired, nor can any experiments be conducted on animals listed on the old protocol. Also, animals cannot be ordered from, nor experiments conducted on, the pending new protocol until it receives final approval from Committee. Protocol extensions are not permitted by regulatory agencies.

Your prompt response to correspondence from the IACUC is necessary to keep your protocols and our records current. On all correspondence be sure to include the protocol number, the name of the PI assigned to the protocol, and whether correspondence refers to a Protocol or an Amendment.

Please contact the IACUC office (guacuc@georgetown.edu), if you need additional information.