Approval of Extramural Activity

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Georgetown University policy permits full-time faculty to engage in consultation or other remunerative occupation outside the University provided that such occupation:

  • is not full or part-time employment as a teacher in another institution;
  • does not exceed an average of eight hours a week;
  • does not prevent the faculty member from fulfilling his/her obligations for teaching, research, mentoring, committee, and other University assignments;
  • is approved in advance by the Department Chair, the Unit Director and the Executive Vice President for Health Sciences.

Faculty must request approval of an extramural activity by completing the form below and submitting it to his or her Department Chair.  A separate form must be filed for each activity. Examples of such activities are consulting for a non-academic organization or serving as an expert witness. No advance approval is required for occasional participation in traditional scholarly activities such as (but not limited to) service on study sections and review panels, delivery of academic seminars, review, presentation or writing of scholarly papers, and service on editorial boards, so long as they do not conflict with assigned faculty duties. Major and ongoing extramural academic commitments that are expected to require commitment of University resources and/or conflict with other faculty duties do require advance consultation and agreement with the Department Chair, Unit Director, Dean or other appropriate administrative officer. It is generally not necessary to reapply for approval of activities that have previously been approved, however, if there has been a change in the faculty member’s obligations for teaching, research, mentoring, committee, or other University assignments, or in the nature or extent of the external activity, faculty must seek reapproval by completing a new form.


Download a Request for Approval of Extramural Activity form [PDF] or [MS Word


View the policy (Faculty Handbook, III.C.9. Outside Professional Activities)