IACUC Reporting Animal Welfare, Noncompliance, and Adverse Event Concerns

Georgetown University is committed to the humane and responsible treatment of all animals being used for research, testing or education. All laboratory animals receive proper care and are used humanely in accordance with Public Health Services Policy, the Animal Welfare Act and the institution’s animal care and use committee policies and guidelines.

All persons involved with the use of animals in research must know how to report concerns with animal care and use. There are no restrictions on who may report an alleged incident. Under no circumstances will reporting such incidences in good faith be detrimental to an individual’s standing within the institution. No person will be discriminated against or subject to any reprisal for reporting a concern or violation of any animal care and use regulation or standard. Concerns may be sent by phone, in writing, in person, or via the web. The person may remain anonymous.

The IACUC is required by law to investigate reports of suspected animal abuse or mistreatment. If you observe or suspect animal abuse, mistreatment, or non-compliance with federal, state or local regulations or non-compliance with an approved protocol, please report the incident. The IACUC will investigate and evaluate concerns. All of the information obtained from individual reporting, as well as information obtained during investigation, will be maintained confidentially.

Any person who witnesses or suspects misuse of animals at Georgetown University is strongly encouraged to report his/her concerns. Contact Information