To All Investigators Using Laboratory Animals

In order to properly assess and safeguard the health of personnel working with laboratory animals, and to maintain AAALAC accreditation, the Office of Regulatory Affairs has revised the institutional Occupational Health Program. Dr. Philip Witorsch is the Program Medical Director and will provide risk assessment and medical clearance of research personnel. Mrs. Simona Strong is the Occupational Health Program Coordinator and will be the contact person regarding form submission and other program processes.

All personnel listed as participants on an IACUC protocol are now required to complete and submit a Health History Survey for evaluation and medical clearance. For more information, please visit Occupational Health Program for Research Investigators.

Download and print the Health History Survey, available in Adobe Acrobat format:

Medical clearance is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. If research personnel is listed on more than one IACUC protocol, they are only required to submit one Health History Survey.

Timeframe for obtaining medical clearance:

  • New IACUC applications – Effective May 17, 2005, all personnel listed on new IACUC protocols must have medical clearance through the Occupational Health Program before final protocol approval will be given.
  • Annual, Triennial and 3 year renewals – Medical clearance for all personnel must be obtained prior to the approved protocol expiration date.
  • Amendments – Medical clearance for all new personnel listed on the amendment (or personnel on the original protocol who have not yet received clearance) is required prior to final amendment approval.

Completed Health History Survey forms should be sent to Mrs. Simona Strong, Occupational Health Program Coordinator, in Rm. 
GM-12J, Pre-clinical Science Bldg.  Mrs. Strong will forward the forms to Dr. Witorsch for evaluation. She will also maintain all medical records and notify the IACUC office of personnel receiving medical clearance on a weekly basis.  If you have questions regarding completion or submission of health forms, please contact Mrs. Strong at (202) 687-1734 or via e-mail at

Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation.