Cayuse/ESirius Forms

Cayuse/eSirius Account Request Form– This form should be used to give people in your lab access to sign into ESirius, these individuals will have access to edit and review all protocols and order animals.  We are currently limiting access to two individuals per lab (not including the PI).  If you are unsure which members have access in your lab, please contact the IACUC office.

Other Forms

Reporting Animal Welfare, Noncompliance, and Adverse Event Concerns Sign– This sheet is required to be in any location that animals are taken outside the DCM.

Monitoring Forms

Note: Please use these forms to document any procedure where anesthesia or analgesia is used. You may create your own form or modify these forms for your use, but they must contain the basic information captured in the forms approved by the IACUC. These forms must be available and will be reviewed during the semi-annual inspections

Rodent Anesthesia Monitoring and Recovery Log

Post-Surgical Rodent Analgesia Log