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  • CITI Module: COVID-19: Back to Campus (Fall 2020)
    • The Login instructions are as follows:
    • Login to CITI at  https://about.citiprogram.org/en/homepage/
    • Scroll down to “Learner Tools for Georgetown University.”
    • Click on “Add a Course.” 
    • Scroll down to “Continue to Question 1 at this Time.” In answering questions 1-9, you may select “not at this time.”
    • Scroll down to Question 10 to add the COVID course.
  • Best Practices in Corrective and Preventive Action Plans (April 5, 2023)

If you have not already registered for the Clinical Research Coordinator Series, click on the link below and it will add the event and zoom link (unique to you) to your calendar.
Best Practices in Corrective and Preventative Action Plans