New NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy

NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy (GDS Policy) applies to all NIH-funded research (e.g., grants, contracts, intramural research) that generates large-scale human or non-human genomic data, regardless of the funding level, as well as future use of the data.  The policy includes the NIH’s expectations and requirements for the broad sharing of genomic data. The Policy applies to contracts and all grant types, with few exceptions (T-types, K12s, and Fs, for example).

Grants applications and IRB protocols should include details of the required data sharing plan. In general, consent documents should include language that allows for the broad future sharing of genomic data.

The GDS Policy is effective beginning with proposals submitted for the January 25, 2015 due date and thereafter.  See FAQs and the NIH implementation guidelines here.