Message to the GUMC Community About Conflict of Interest Disclosure in Lectures

July 16, 2021

Dear Members of the GUMC Community:

We write today with an important announcement from the Office of Research Oversight about the disclosure of financial or other interests and potential conflicts of interest in lectures given by GUMC faculty to GUMC undergraduate and graduate students.

Effective for the 2021-2022 academic year, all lectures for all GUMC students must include a slide that discloses any relevant financial or other interest the faculty member or other lecturer may have that could create a conflict of interest or the appearance of a conflict.

We are grateful to the members of the Medical Center Caucus of the Faculty Senate for advancing this recommendation.  A subcommittee of the Caucus conducted a careful review of similar policies and best practices at peer institutions, as well as the American Medical Student Association’s Conflict of Interest Scorecard and the Pew Charitable Trust Report on COI Policies for Academic Medical Centers – Recommendations for Best Practices.

The Subcommittee concluded that this disclosure requirement is a common best practice and the Caucus unanimously approved the inclusion of a disclosure slide and the inclusion of the following language in all syllabi: “The Georgetown University School of [insert relevant school] is committed to the values of transparency and integrity. Instructors will use a standard template slide to disclose personal financial or other relevant interests that could create the appearance of bias or a conflict of interest relating to the material. This will be included as a unique slide in the introduction of each lecture.”

Course directors will be responsible for ensuring that all syllabi include the disclosure language and that all presentations, including those delivered by guest speakers, include a disclosure slide.

This new practice is consistent with the spirit of the University’s Financial Conflict of Interest Policy and with the provisions of the conflict management plans the University uses to address potential conflicts.  Importantly, it also sets an example for our students about the importance of disclosing potential conflicts and what will be expected of them as they move forward in their professions.

Please visit the Office of Research Oversight’s for additional information, FAQs, and the slide templates.  If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Mary Schmiedel at

Thank you for your cooperation in this important initiative.


Mary E. Furlong
Senior Associate Dean of Curriculum & Director Office of Medical Education
Georgetown University School of Medicine

Anna T Riegel, PhD
Senior Associate Dean
Biomedical Graduate Education

Carole Roan Gresenz, PhD
Interim Dean
School of Nursing & Health Studies

Mary E. Schmiedel, JD
Senior Director, Office of Research Oversight
Main Campus & Medical Center Conflict of Interest Officer
Georgetown University