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About Regulatory Affairs and Research Oversight

Regulatory affairs and research oversight activities pertain to oversight and guidance in human subject research; animal care and use; biosafety; chemical safety; radiation safety; occupational health; export controls; conflict of interest; handling of hazardous, controlled or regulated substances; material transfers; research quality assurance; and research misconduct.

A team of professionals work in cooperation with the University community to facilitate research integrity in the design, conduct, review and reporting of research, and to promote adherence to applicable laws, regulations, and professional and ethical standards.

Department Units

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
The Institutional Review Board‘s (IRB) primary role is to safeguard the rights and welfare of all human subjects who participate in research studies conducted by Georgetown.

Animal Care and Use (IACUC)
The IACUC’s mission is to ensure the proper care and humane treatment of animals.

Occupational Health
Occupational Health serves to identify, evaluate, manage and reduce potential health risks associated with the care and use of laboratory animals.

Conflict of Interest (COI)
The Georgetown University Financial Conflicts of Interest (FCOI) Policy protects the objectivity and integrity of the work of Georgetown University and its individual faculty and staff members.

RCR Training & Research Integrity
In order to promote integrity and accountability in the scientific process and to meet institutional obligations as a federal grantee institution, Georgetown University has developed a program of instruction in the responsible conduct of research based on graduate levels of study and achievement throughout the scientist’s professional life.


Clinical Trials Office
Environmental Health and Safety
Internal Audit
Office of Compliance and Ethics
Main Campus Research
Office of Sponsored Research
Office of Technology Commercialization
Office of University Counsel
MedStar Office of Research Integrity