HIPAA Training

HIPAA training is available through the Collaborative IRB Training Initiative (CITI). The course can be accessed through the “Optional Modules” link once the “Group 1.Biomedical research investigators and key personnel, Basic Course” has been completed.

*You do not need a new CITI account if you already have one from your Human Research Subject Protection training.

*If you do not have a CITI account, you will need to register and create your own username and password. Please select Georgetown University as your institution. You can print out a certificate upon completion for your own records. CITI automatically keeps track of Georgetown University participants and profiles us with completion data.

To access the HIPAA training module, click the “Add course or update your learner groups for Georgetown University”. On tha page that loads, select “Group 4” for Question 1 and press “Continue” at the botton of the page.
You will now be able to complete the HIPAA training module.

To return to the Human Subject Protection Training, click on the “Add course or update your learner groups for Georgetown University” and make the appropriate selection from Groups 1 to 3 for Question 1.

NOTE: Please refer to the screen shots below for further information on choosing the correct CITI training course to fullfill the HIPAA Training requirement.


MedStar HIPAA information for researchers can be foundhere.

A copy of these certificates needs to be forwarded to:

Institutional Review Board
Georgetown University Medical Center
SW 107 Medical Dental Building
3900 Reservoir Road, NW
Washington, DC 20057
Fax: (202) 687-4847