NSF and DOD Other Support Process Guidance

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and Department of Defense (DOD) agencies require the submission of Other Support at the time of proposal submission.  Investigators should continue to follow the guidelines of NSF or DOD in preparing and submitting their Other Support document, which currently does not require a signed certification statement or a copy of the contract with a foreign organization. Investigators whose Other Support changes between the time of proposal submission and time of award of an NSF or DOD award must update their Other Support at time of award. 

Prior to award, NSF may permit the investigator to submit an updated Other Support document directly to NSF rather than through ORS. Therefore, investigators who submit an updated Other Support directly to NSF or DOD must remember to disclose any required information.

Please notify OSR (for Medical Center) or ORS (for Main Campus or Law Center) if an updated Other Support document has been sent by the investigator to NSF or DOD so that the University will have the latest version of the Other Support document on file.