Social and Behavioral Sciences IRB (IRB-C)

The Institutional Review Board for social and behavioral science research involving human subjects (IRB-C) has the responsibility of reviewing proposed research projects to ensure that the privacy and welfare of the research participants are adequately protected. All faculty and students engaged in such research should submit requests for IRB approval prior to beginning their work. This requirement applies to all such research, regardless of the source of support. Faculty at the Georgetown University Medical Center who are conducting social and behavioral research should make their submissions to this body.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences Institutional Review Board is composed of faculty affiliated with the variety of social science disciplines at Georgetown. It also includes representatives from the community. A full membership roster is available at IRB-C Board Members page.

Much of the research done in the social and behavioral sciences may fall into one or more of the categories for exemption.  Exempt determinations should be made by the IRB.

This site is intended to provide you with the information you will need to determine whether a review is needed, what sort of review is appropriate, and what procedures should be followed in submitting an application.

For more information about the IRB-C Committee, please contact the Institutional Review Board at (202) 687-6553 or (202) 687-1506.

Note: For all studies submitted by an undergraduate student in the School of Foreign Service, the following individual is the appropriate department reviewer: 

Mitch Kaneda, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Director of Undergraduate Program
School of Foreign Service

This department reviewer does not apply to other undergraduate schools: Georgetown College, MSB, and NHS, or SCS.