eRIC (Electronic IRB Submission System)

If you are submitting a new study, continuing review, modification, and/or reportable new information, please use the new IRB systemThe new system, as well as additional information regarding the system, can be found here.

eRIC Home Page & Login

eRIC Quick Guides

Accessing the eRIC System

To access eRIC, use your Georgetown NetID and password.  If you are a MedStar employee, do not use your MedStar user ID.  If you are a MedStar Georgetown employee and are unsure whether you have a NetID, check the Georgetown University (GU) directory.

Individuals that are not affiliated with GU including MedStar employees who do not have a GU appointment or other official relationship need to apply to become a GU Sponsored University Associate (SUA) to access eRIC.  If you don’t have a SUA account or your SUA account expired, please visit this website or email for information to apply or reactivate your SUA account.

Forgot or don’t know your Password?

I have already enrolled in Password Station…

If you do not know or have forgotten your NetID password and have already enrolled in Password Station, you can answer the hint questions stored in Password Station to create a new password by going to this website

I have not enrolled in Password Station…

If you do not know or have forgotten your NetID password and you have not yet enrolled in Password Station, contact the University Information Systems (UIS) Service Center at (202) 687-4949.  They will assist you with your password reset.

Have you reset your password in the past six months? 

Georgetown requires a password reset every six months and an expired password cannot be reset in the Password Station.  To reset an expired password, please call (202) 687-4949.

I know my password and it works for other GU applications, but I cannot log in to eRIC…

If you experience difficulties logging in, but your NetID password works for other Georgetown applications, one of the following may help:

  1. Attempt to refresh your browser cache by visiting this website and following the instructions for your browser. This can sometimes clear out old versions of your password that the browser is automatically populating.
  2. If you have already enrolled in Password Station, please visit this website and answer stored hint questions to create a new password.
  3. If you are enrolled in Duo, eRIC will not send you a “push notification” on your computer screen.  Although there is no screen prompt, you should open the Duo application directly on your phone and select “Approve” within the mobile application after entering your credentials on the eRIC log-in page.  Please ensure your phone is connected to the internet.
  4. Contact

Contact the UIS Service Center at (202) 687-4949 if you continue to have log-in difficulties.