The NEXT and FINAL, migration of studies from the old IRB system (eRIC) to the new system will begin on MAY 1st

ONLY approved studies with NO open/unapproved actions will migrate to the new system. If you have a study in eRIC with an open action (new study, modification, continuing review, adverse event, etc.), that action MUST BE COMPLETED by close of business on April 30th. This means IRB approval must be provided for the action by close of business on April 30th. Please check your studies as soon as possible to be sure there are no open actions. If all open actions are not approved/complete, the study will not migrate and you will have to manually enter your study into the new system as a new study.

If you have a new study, amendment, continuing review or adverse event created in eRIC, but not yet submitted, you will need to withdraw the event as new submissions are not being accepted in the old system. Again, please withdraw any un-submitted actions to allow the study to migrate into the new system. If these are not withdrawn, the study will not migrate and you will have to manually enter your study into the new system as a new study.

The process of migrating studies into the new system can take at least two weeks. During that time, if you have an urgent action for an un-migrated study, please contact the IRB Office ( (new window) or 202-687-1506) or the Coordinator for the IRB of record for your study.

DO NOT log any public comments for your studies as a submission (amendment, continuing review, reportable event) – contact the IRB Office. If a public comment is logged asking for review of an action, it will not be reviewed.

For studies that we have deferred to another IRB as IRB of record, the eRIC system will not allow for an electronic migration of those studies into the new system. The IRB Office will be manually creating those studies in the new system.

If you have an amendment, continuing review, and/or reportable event that needs review prior to your study being available in the new system, contact the IRB Office (see below for phone numbers and email addresses) for guidance.

eRIC as we know it now, will no longer be available. UIS is working on an archival system in which everything from eRIC will be available for your study. More information will be provided regarding that system as UIS provides it.

In addition to the archival system, the first migration of studies all have a zip file in the ‘Other Attachments’ section of their study in the new system that contains all documents and history of what occurred for that study in eRIC. During this third and final migration, the plan is to migrate a zip file of the eRIC history and documents for all studies migrated in the second group and this third group. If your study in the new system currently has a link to the study in eRIC, after this third migration that link will no longer be available and all eRIC information will be available in the zip file and in the archival system that UIS is developing.

Contact Information


IRB Office

Phone: (202)-687-1506

Committee A

Contact: Leslie West
Phone: (202)-687-2790

Committee B

Contact: Stacy Stone
Phone: (202)-687-2989

Committee D

Contact: Lila Sisbarro
Phone: (202)-687-4315

Committee E and Committee C

Contact: Cindi Charles
Phone: (202)-687-2618