The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science (GHUCCTS) Institutional Review Board is the IRB for the GHUCCTS consortium; its purpose is to review consortium research studies.  members of the GHUCCTS IRB Committee are appointed by each participating institution.  This multi-institutional IRB allows for efficient study implementation at any or all of the GHUCCTS CRUs. The  GHUCCTS IRB coordinates their review process for GHUCCTS protocols involving the participation of investigators and patients from the GHUCCTS clinical institutions.  

The GHUCCTS IRB reviews all studies that are:

  • GHUCCTS-funded and/or​;
  • Will be utilizing more than one GHUCCTS' institution.

The following additional studies are also eligible for review by the GHUCCTS IRB:

  • Research studies that will utilize GHUCCTS facilities


Please note that SEPCOM review MUST OCCUR PRIOR to the GHUCCTS IRB review.  For more information regarding the SEPCOM-GHUCCTS IRB Review Process, please see the SEPCOM - GHUCCTS IRB Review Summary Guide.


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