Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)

The IACUC's mission is to ensure the proper care and humane treatment of animals. The Committee's responsibility is to develop, review, and monitor all animal facilities and care practices within the institution for compliance with federal legislation, agency regulations, and local laws. The IACUC is responsible for the dissemination of information related to approved methods of animal care to individuals who use animals in research, teaching, or demonstration programs at Georgetown University.


Policies/Std. Procedures that have been approved in 2015 (see policy page)

IACUC Policy: Food and Fluid Regulation in Rodents (11-17-15)

IACUC Policy: Euthanasia of Research Animals (8-18-15)

IACUC Policy: Prolonged Restraint (8-18-15)

IACUC Policy: Monitoring of Genetically Modified Animals (7-21-15)

IACUC Policy: Isoflurane Anesthesia (7-21-15)

IACUC Standard Procedure- Oral Gavage Rodents (5-19-15)

IACUC Policy: Acclimation Period in Laboratory Animals (5-19-15)

IACUC Policy: Rodent Surgery and Post-Operative Care (2-23-15)

IACUC Policy: Testing of Biological Materials to be Introduced into Rodents (2-23-15)


5-11-15: TOPAZ is currently not working in Google Chrome but should be working in all other web browers.

To access Topaz, click the link below:



All new and 3-year renewal protocols submitted for IACUC review must be submitted in Topaz.

Please contact the IACUC Office to set up your Topaz user account. Please contact the IACUC staff for assistance with using TOPAZ.

Amendments (both minor and significant) must be submitted in TOPAZ. All personnel amendments are still being processed on paper, please email completed forms to

Annual reviews will still be done on the current paper form.  Annual reviews are only required for USDA species.

The submission deadline for the monthly IACUC meeting is COB on the LAST Tuesday of each month. IACUC meetings generally are held on the third Tuesday of the month. Please consult the calendar of actual deadlines and meeting dates on the IACUC Meeting Schedule page.

For any questions or assistance, please contact the IACUC office at